Breast & Thorax Surgeries

If you are facing breast surgery, remember that there are many women who have been where you are today. they have had the same fears and made the same tough decisions. these women have gone through surgery, recovered and are living full, productive lives.

Diagnosis of breast abnormalities with self-breast exams, as well as an exam by a professional. Radiological examinations with mammography and ultrasound, where applicable, are invaluable. Additional testing with MRI in select cases can also be extremely beneficial.

Breast masses can be divided into cystic (fluid filled) or solid lesions. Cystic lesions (single cysts) are of no consequence and can be simply aspirated if they are large enough to cause discomfort. Solid lesions, on the other hand, need to be investigated with tissue sampling. Non-palpable lesions that produce an abnormal mammogram may also require tissue sampling. Comparison with any previous mammograms can be extremely important in deciding if this is a new finding or something that has been present for a few years without change.


Thorax Surgery is the branch that involves traumas and surgical treatments of all organs in thoracic space except heart (chest wall, ribs, lungs, lung membranes, mediastinum, diaphragm, and oesophagus).

The surgeon may also work with other surgeons on complex cases which require a surgical team. Thoracic surgeons are also important members of organ recovery teams, since the heart and chest area must be carefully managed during organ recovery to keep the donor’s organs viable. Surgeons can also choose to specialize in things like thoracic surgery for children, or the treatment of pulmonary conditions.

Patients are referred to a thoracic surgeon when it becomes apparent that they have chest conditions which require surgical treatment. Lung disease and other cardiac problems are extremely common in many parts of the world, meaning that specialists in this discipline are rarely bored. The dynamic and well experienced team of Dr.Srikanth makes all operations related to breast and thorax easy and reduce minimal post operative procedures.

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