Choledocholithotomy, or common bile duct exploration, is used to remove large stones. This normally performed when the duct anatomy is complex during or after some gallbladder operations when stones are detected. Procedures involving CBD stone removal are caused by blockage from bile stones that formed in gallbladder.


In this procedure, the surgeon performs open abdominal surgery and extracts gallstones through an incision in the common bile duct. Routinely, a “T-tube” is temporarily left in the common bile duct after surgery and the doctor x-rays the bile duct through the tube 7 – 10 days after surgery, to determine whether any stones remain in the duct.

There are two types of Laparoscopic surgery: transcystic and choledochotom. This procedure involves the use of a keyhole camera inserted into the cystic duct via a small incision in the abdomen. A nintinol stone basket passed through the working channel of the choledochoscope as saline pressure irrigation is engaged. The stone(s) located in the bile duct is then cleared off under monitor guidance. This process requires no T-tubes or drains and can be performed as an outpatient procedure.

Women are much more likely than men to develop gallstones.

Stones stuck in the common bile duct can cause symptoms that are similar to those produced by stones that lodge in the gallbladder, but they may also cause the following symptoms:

  • Dark urine, lighter stools, or both
  • Rapid heartbeat and abrupt blood pressure drop
  • Jaundice (yellowish skin)

Fever, chills, nausea and vomiting, and severe pain in the upper right abdomen. These symptoms suggest an infection in the bile duct (called cholangitis).

The Choledocholithotomy (rmoval of CBD stones), can be cleared off easily with the supervision and treatment provided by Dr.K.N.Srikanth.

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