Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass and other weight-loss surgeries make changes to your digestive system to help you lose weight by limiting how much you can eat or by reducing the absorption of nutrients, or both. Gastric bypass and other weight-loss surgeries are done when diet and exercise haven’t worked or when you have serious health problems because of your weight.

Gastric bypass operation is usually done using keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery. It can also be done through a single, longer incision. During keyhole surgery small cuts are made in your abdomen (tummy) rather than one large cut. During a keyhole operation your surgeon uses small instruments, guided by a special telescope with a camera, to perform the operation.

However, if you’re very overweight or have had surgery to your abdomen before, then your surgeon may recommend having an open operation, which is performed through a single larger incision.

Using surgical staples your surgeon will make a pouch at the top of your stomach, separating it from the lower part of your stomach. A new opening from this pouch is made. This is connected to a section of your small intestine so that food can bypass your old stomach and the first part of your intestine. Sometimes a drain is inserted to stop fluid from collecting inside your abdomen.

Diet and regimens:

  • Avoid high sugar foods
  • Eat three meals per day
  • Eat healthy, solid food
  • Eat slowly and stop as soon as you feel full
  • Keep your fluid intake up

Risks involved in the gastric surgery are:

  • Gastrointestinal inflammation or swelling
  • Stoma obstruction
  • Stretching of the stomach
  • Surgical procedure repeated
  • Vomiting and nausea

Advantages of gastric surgery are:

  • Average best weight loss for patients undergoing laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery is 75 percent.
  • All patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery have lost weight.
  • Two years after gastric bypass surgery, 98 percent of patients have lost more than 50 percent of excess weight with an average of 75 percent of excess weight.

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