Head & Neck Surgeries

For past many years, traditional open surgery has been the standard approach to treating many head and neck conditions. Yet, with open surgery there is the risk for significant pain, trauma, possible deformity, a long recovery and damage to surrounding organs and nerves. Fortunately, less invasive options(laparoscopy) are available that allow surgeons to access the target anatomy without a large external incision.

Whether you are seeking elective surgery or require treatment for complex conditions of the head and neck, come and experience the level of care and compassion that has been provided by Dr. Srikanth and his associated team. New surgical approaches, new chemotherapeutic agents, and greater understanding of the molecular mechanisms of disease are all being utilized to try to improve the outcomes of patients with head and neck cancer.

The surgeon and his associates are a unique group of physicians and surgeons that attended medical and dental school, as well as specialized residencies and fellowships, to develop skills relating to the complicated and delicate procedures associated with head and neck surgery. This clique got extensive training in laparoscopic procedures.

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