An hepaticojejunostomy is a surgical procedure that is very rarely performed. In hepaticojejunostomy a connection is created between the small bowel (jejunum) and the liver (hepatis).

This is most commonly performed in children for benign diseases that effect the ducts that ordinarily drain bile produced by the liver. In adults, it may be performed more commonly for certain types of cancer.

The operation itself should not predispose to formation of cancer at the anastomosis. However, if the operation is undertaken for cancer, there is always a chance that the cancer will recurr.

The major conditions that require for hepaticojejunostomy are benign or iatrogenic strictures and injuries to biliary system. Obstruction from malignancies or cancers of the biliary system caused by pancreatic or duct wall tumors may necessitate this operation. Rarely trauma may require dilated areas occurring in sclerosing cholangitis. In children, choledochal cysts are also an indication for hepaticojejunostomy reconstruction. Each attempted, unsuccessful repair can cause increased fear and morbidity for the patient, providing long-term functional and anatomical stability is paramount during the reconstruction surgery.

Dr. K.N.Srikanth has good experience in this procedure and is adept at handling cases which require hepaticojejunostomy.

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