Laparoscopic Rectopexy

Laparoscopic rectopexy is a surgery in which sutures (stitches) are used to secure the rectum in its proper area using key-hole surgery. The surgery is performed to correct rectal prolapse–a state in which the rectum loses its support–which may lead to several symptoms.

During laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon uses a thin, telescope-like device called a laparoscope, which is inserted through a small incision at the belly button. The laparoscope is connected to a tiny video camera which projects a view of the operative site onto video monitors located in the operating room. The abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide gas to allow the surgeon a better view of the operative area. Three or four additional small incisions are made near the laparoscope through which the surgeon inserts specialized surgical instruments. The surgeon uses these instruments to correct the rectal prolapse. Following the procedure, the small incisions are closed with sutures and covered with surgical tape.

Mild cases of rectal prolapse may be alleviated by a change in diet and the use of laxatives, stool softeners, or stool bulking products. To prevent straining during a bowel movement, individuals are encouraged to eat a diet high in fiber and consume plenty of liquids. Symptoms associated with rectal prolapse include the involuntary passage of stool, known as fecal incontinence, protrusion of rectal tissue while defecating, and a discharge of mucus or blood during bowel movements.

You will be encouraged to gradually increase your activity once you are home after laparoscopic surgery. Walking will help your general recovery by strengthening your muscles, keeping your blood circulating to prevent blood clots, and helping your lungs stay clear. If you are fit and did regular exercise before the operation, you may restart exercising when you feel comfortable. There are only two things you are not permitted to do for six weeks after this kind of operation: lift or push anything over 30 pounds or do abdominal exercises such as sit-ups.

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