Liver Abscess

Liver abscess is a pus-filled spot in the liver. The liver is an organ in the digestive system that assists the digestive process-‘energizer’ and carries out many other vital functions. These functions include producing bile to help break down food into energy; creating important substances, such as hormones; cleaning toxins from the blood, including those from medication, alcohol and drugs; and controlling fat storage and cholesterol production and release.

There is no age or gender limitation affecting liver abscess-anyone can get a liver abscess. The formation can be caused by infections spread directly from nearby organs, such as the bile-draining tubes, from the appendix or intestines, or carried in the bloodstream from more distant parts of the body. A liver abscess can also develop as a result of surgery or other trauma to the liver. The most common type of liver abscess is caused by bacterial or parasitic infection.

Most patients with pyogenic liver abscess and those with very large amoebic abscesses, may not recover with antibiotics alone and need drainage guided by ultrasonography or CT. Percutaneous aspiration can be carried out for small abscesses although catheter drainage has become the standard of care. Larger abscesses may also need catheter drainage which is also CT- or ultrasound-guided. Drainage should also be carried out if there is impending rupture.

Initially, you will have some soreness and discomfort which might limit your activities. Tylenol or Advil will be recommended for mild discomfort. Some patients may be prescribed an antibiotic.

An infection can occur if the catheter gets blocked. If your catheter becomes blocked despite good care, the interventional radiologist can change the catheter and prescribe antibiotics. To prevent infection, take good care of the skin around the catheter. The skin must be kept dry. If the dressing gets wet, it must be changed. In addition, be sure to properly secure the catheter to your skin or clothing to prevent it from becoming dislodged.

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